BRIO Work From Home Strategies


As the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic marches on, businesses are making difficult decisions about how to sustain their productivity, while also keeping their employees safe and healthy. Simultaneously, many in the workforce are fearful of being sent home and suffering lost wages, despite the increased pressure on families facing school closures in their communities. 

Naturally, technology is playing a critical role in the effort to keep the workforce working and preserve the global economy. 

In these unprecedented times, AR, VR & 3D visualization is powering remote working. If your business relies on the physical presence of staff on a site, or the ability of teams to discuss and iterate on designs, BRIO has all of the tools that you need to stay safe and stay productive.

BRIO is easy to integrate and only an internet connection is required.

  • No app downloads or installs
  • No programming or coding required
  • No specialized hardware devices needed

BRIO lets you:

  • Upload 3D models, 360 content, photos, videos, audio, and more
  • Publish AR, VR and 3D scenes
  • Share the scene securely with your colleagues instantly online

BRIO understands the extreme importance of privacy and confidentiality. This is why users can password protect their content to ensure that it can never be accessed by the public.

BRIO Powers Remote Business / BRIO Takes you on Location

Whether you work on a set, on a construction site, or any other location that requires your physical presence, BRIO can transport you anywhere with just an internet connection. Simply upload a 360 scan of the location, or a 3D model into the BRIO builder and publish. Once published, you can view it in 3D using a desktop or tablet, or in virtual reality (VR) using any major headset. 

If you’d like to visualize and design your set from home, evaluate a site, or show a property, BRIO has all of the tools you need to create and publish easily.


With reductions in public gatherings, galleries, tourist sites, and museums, these cultural and educational institutions may soon feel the pinch of lowered attendance. 


Using BRIO’s tour-making tools, it’s easy to create virtual tours for students, tourists and the general public. With just a 360 camera to capture images, galleries can welcome patrons from anywhere in the world. 

Click here to learn more about 360 cameras.


One of the most common applications of VR and 3D technology is online and remote training. While employees are working from home, remote, digital training ensures that when the workforce returns, they will do so with more knowledge than before.

Create 3D models of objects, equipment, tools and more, and then animate them in BRIO to show different configurations and components. Add audio, click-through instructions and annotations to take the viewer through the training module. When ready, publish and share to your audience. 

Design & Prototype

For designers, engineers and others, BRIO lets the creative process continue from remote locations. Design digitally, or scan physical models before uploading them into BRIO. Share with the wider team to get feedback and discuss design adjustments. 

Save money by designing with BRIO:

  • No software licenses to view or interact with content
  • Unlimited iterations
  • No wasted spending on developing physical models

Perfect your design concept digitally, and get to market faster and cheaper with BRIO.
For tutorials and training on how to get started, check our Learning page.