The Top 5 Places to Get Photoreal Textures

Photoreal textures: The Top 5 Places to Get Photoreal Textures that you Need for your Project

When you’re looking for photoreal textures, you might find yourself searching through lots of different websites without finding ones that you really love. Here, we discuss 5 great sites for photoreal textures. So whether it’s a marble texture, a wood texture, or anything in between you’re sure to find it.

If you’re trying to boost the quality of your BRIOVR scene, adding textures is an easy quick way to enhance the experience for your viewers.

Best of all, BRIO allows you to edit your textures inside of your scene so that they appear exactly how you want them to. Use the easy texture editing tools to make your models and environments look exactly the way that you want them to.


The Top 5 Places to get Photoreal Textures:

Poliigon –

Poliigon is a great site with heaps of different photoreal textures that are crystal clear. In fact, this site has over 3000 different textures. All of the textures come with maps already, so they’re super easy to use. What’s more, you can play around with lighting too, as well as sky captures. Your textures are brought to life with Poliigon. They have a wonderful, up-close realism with their imperfection maps. These mimic real life textures and imperfections so that stone texture, for example, looks completely realistic!

Example of marble texture from Poliigon

Textures (formerly CGTextures) –

Founded initially as GCTextures in 2005, is a website that offers a great range of photoreal textures. With you can download up to 15 textures for free every day, but you need to create an account to do so. All of their materials are compatible with nearly every 2D and 3D application.

Rough concrete texture from

HDRLabs –

This site is a bit more difficult to use than some of the others we’ve mentioned in this post. HDRLabs is not actually a company in itself, but it’s a community with loads of information and tools for people using HDR.

HDRLabs Flash Panoramas Galleries

Quixel – (Megascans)

Megascans state that they are the world’s largest and fastest growing scan library. There are thousands upon thousands of 2D and 3D images in the library. They’re excellent quality and totally standardized too, so all of the hard work is done for you. The website is really attractive and easy to use. The images on there are second to none, it really is a great place to get your textures for 3D visualizations.

Quixel Megascans Library

Texturer –

Texturer is a really simple website. You land straight on to sample textures on the home page. They have categories within categories. For example, if you click on ‘concrete’, you get a choice of 5 different concrete textures. Within each concrete texture, there are even more choices. This is by far the simplest website to use for your photoreal textures and you don’t need to create an account to be able to download textures.

Wood texture from

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