3D, AR And VR Architecture Software

Bring your clients closer to your architectural designs by creating virtual walk-throughs, 360° tours and more!

  • Turn your 2D & 3D drawings into virtual reality instantly.
  • No programming required.
  • Create walk-through presentations.

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brio for architects

Simple online, AR and VR Architect Software

Sharing online, AR and VR for architecture has never been easier. Unlike other virtual architect software, BRIOVR is simple to use. With drag and drop functionality, anyone can become a VR expert overnight. Not having to code or download any additional programs puts BRIOVR in a class all on its own. In addition, collaborating with stakeholders is a breeze with the in-app commenting feature. When you’re ready to share, distribute the link to anyone instantly.

Create Walk-Through Presentations

Drop your clients (and potential clients) right into your designs. Guide them through your vision in immersive virtual reality. Allow them to experience your vision in full-scale and from 360° angles. Gather real-time feedback from visual, auditory and physical cues. Get to the root of what your clients want and improve your presentation to get buy-in from multiple stakeholders at any stage of the process.

Boost Your Photoreal Scenes Using Materials & Textures

When you import models into BRIO, you can apply materials and textures to them. Use BRIOVR’s built-in material and texture set, or you can import your own and use the editing suite to fully customize the appearance or your models.

BRIO can support any texture type, such as:

  • Wooden Textures: wood grain texture, dark and light wood texture, wood floor texture, etc.
  • Building Textures: brick texture, marble texture, wall texture, concrete texture, rust texture, metal texture
  • Natural Textures: stone texture, rock texture, snow texture
  • Clear Textures: transparent textures, and add reflection effects such as water plane

Let your customer Choose version

Change your model paint color or texture color using BRIO’s simple customization tools. Share results with your stakeholders and discuss the options


Drag & drop objects to populate your scene

Edit, add animation and interactivity

Publish & share on your website or social media