New opportunities for real estate

Create the most immersive 3D real estate experience that exists, short of actually touring the property in person.

  • Your clients can view multiple properties in minutes, even if each property is miles apart
  • Allow investors, designers and contractors to experience your vision before you build it
  • Publish and view scenes without any downloads, installs or plugins

Create 360° Virtual Home Tours

Property Tour

Create immersive 360° tours of all sorts of properties ranging from residential, commercial and special purpose. Making a virtual reality experience is simple. All you need is a 3D camera to capture 360° photos or videos of the space. Then drop the pictures or videos into the BRIOVR platform and get a virtual reality experience instantly. Share it online so that anyone can tour a property before they actually see it in person.

24/7 Virtual Open House

Create a totally different experience for the buyers, especially for the ones who cannot make it to the property in person. Send your potential buyers a link and let them walk through the property from wherever they are. Offer the same sense of space, textures and detail as you would in real life. Empower people to make an informed buying decision from anywhere in the world.

Immersive, Intuitive & Integrated

Simply and effortlessly create immersive virtual tours accessible from anywhere. Customize your virtual tours with different scenes, hotspots, and audio. Add labels and tag each area, and even allow others to comment, all within the BRIOVR platform. Share your experience through a URL link or on social media. Access your tour on all major devices, headsets and operating systems.


Drag & drop objects to populate your scene

Edit, add animation and interactivity

Publish & share on your website or social media